“Dog Fighting” by Deion Burton

After his football hero, Michael Vick, disappoints him by claiming that he participated in a dog fighting ring because of his African-American culture, Deion looks into underground dog abuse in his community.


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28 Responses to “Dog Fighting” by Deion Burton

  1. robert says:

    wow i did not know that micheal vick was doing all that toanimal he should be in prison and rj sholud live with u deion 🙂 :0

  2. kenya bryan says:

    i dont like dog fighting but i love your storie

  3. rahkim benyehudah says:

    i feel the same way u do dude rock on man pitbulls rule

  4. Tia says:

    Good Job ! Keep up the Good Work and teach people what’s right or wrong .

  5. joseph copeland says:

    This story is really good why because i understand that dog fighting is really bad and wrong. dog fighting is illeagal all people is doing is treating these animals really wrong and people who do it are wrong. deion you have really good informatoin great middle and ending i understand mikle vick shouldnt be dog fighting its plus he have a good career and you can loss. hey deon when you said you like football it sounds like you like fubu.

  6. Amanda says:

    I love it!!!

  7. Ms. Starks says:

    Deion, I think you did an amazing job! I enjoyed your subject-it’s controversial and you were brave to interview a dogfighter. Also I liked that you had a representative from the ASPCA comment about the conditions of dogs in fights.I can see you rescuing dogs in the future.

    • Ms. Hoyle Rules says:

      I agree, I was really surprised to hear from the dogfighter! It made the interview well rounded, nice job!

      • JP says:

        I felt the same way. Putting a voice to that sentence about moving the bodies of dead dogs was creepy.

  8. Tatyana Pettway says:

    when i heard on the news that day that micheal vick had dog fights at his house i was so mad i felt bad for all the dogs that were found dead and for the fighing dog that had to die because of him.

  9. kurt-- says:

    Good story I think that dog fight’s is very bad because it can turn very ugly.

  10. Jonathan says:

    this is great story on both a football and a dog fight because it always comes with a tackle.

  11. Nigel johnson says:

    dog fighting i think the people who do that is stupid.

  12. oustanding work, deion! you took an issue that was important to you and really went the extra mile, seeking out people who are close to both sides of the situation. starting with a news story that affected you, then interviewing a veterinarian who cares about animal rights AND someone who is involved in dog fighting? that’s treating this issue like a real reporter would!

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  14. JP says:

    I like the fact that you also considered the business end, and what the perspective is from someone who actually organizes these fights. That is some cold stuff!

    You look at a lot of aspects of dog fighting, from the story about Vick, to your own personal disappointments, to what should be done to stop this.

    I remember when this story broke. The press was trying to corner Vick, and he kept saying “Everybody loves Mike Vick,” like he would not be held responsible for this. It disgusted me.

  15. Ms. Hoyle Rules says:

    “These dogs can’t speak for themselves, but I have a voice…”

    So strong! Thank you for bringing light to such a shady, controversial practice. I especially enjoyed the end when you provided actions that the listener can take to help stop the endangerment of innocent animals. This is a thoughtful piece, I’m very proud to be your first BCAM advisor!

  16. I too am a Mike Vick fan. It was very disappointing to learn how he was involved in such brutality of “man’s best friend”. With that said, I am pleased he bounced back and is now a better citizen. His actions proves you can make a mistake and come away better if you take pride and deal with the consequences of your actions. Deion, your interview will reach the youth as well as adults; helping to prevent the abuse of all domestic pets. Thank you for sharing your talent; I enjoyed your take on this controversial event.

  17. rufnjap says:

    You did an excellent job Dion. Your story help bring into existence one of the many practices that human beings do to hurt other beings. Great job, and i hope you continue to shed light to such important issues

  18. Miss G says:

    Good work! I hope that your fan status has been restored.

  19. Ms. Henry says:

    I’m sorry the Michael Vick disappointed you. I believe he disappointed the whole African-American community by not taking responsibilities of his wrong doing. If all African-American had the same mentality we wouldn’t be doctors, lawyers, president, teachers, and etc. Most African-American are or were raised in a low or poverty neighborhoods. I love that you had a dogfighter and a representative from ASPCA. You provide two sides of the stories.

  20. Mr. Mom says:

    Outstanding piece Deion. It’s rare that someone tackle such a topic. It’s equally challenging to have someone from both sides of the spectrum. I am really impressed Deion.
    That was impressive!

    Go BCAM Radio!

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