“The Greedy Dream” by Robert David

When his friend’s family wins the lottery, Robert is jealous of their new wealth. But then, he finds out his friend is being tortured by a new nightmare: The Greedy Dream.


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10 Responses to “The Greedy Dream” by Robert David

  1. kenya bryan says:

    CC pizza joint was very funny that made me laugh
    good job 🙂

  2. Deion burton says:

    Well should of put the volume up a lot more or u should of spoke louder into the mic so we can her you A lot more and should of asked him more about how do she pick them winning numbers or did she pick them random. i liked how you put different people voices like tia and kenya that was real nice

  3. Tia says:

    Dreams happen for a reason and a reason only. Good Job on the Project keep up the good job !

  4. Amanda says:

    still alaways love r bestfriends , even though they have money!!heehe

  5. Tatyana Pettway says:

    Robert i think you was right because what friend dose not share his good luck with his best find now that really selfish.

  6. jeremy rumnit says:

    greetings it is i jeremy the “prince of punk and glam”…i like the story…hate the intro but..good story..

  7. kurt-- says:

    Good story your friend is big time show off lol

  8. Jonathan says:

    this is great. I have one quest of both with the greedy and this remind me of the story of girls being more mature than boys well not by sometimes girls are greedy because girls always look at us boys form what we have and they wanted it.

  9. Ms. Starks says:

    Robert I wish I had a best friend whose mom won the lottery! He/She would be my only friend (lol). Original topic with a message.I also liked the music in the background.

  10. You took a story that was crazy to begin with, and dealt with it really creatively! You might have started this project thinking about how jealous you were of your friend, but you ended up with a unique vision of what greed really is- your wildest dreams turned into a nightmare!

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