“Two Faceted” by Kenya Bryan

Kenya tries to find out out why so many teenage girls seem untrustworthy, backstabbing, disloyal, and otherwise “two-faceted”

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10 Responses to “Two Faceted” by Kenya Bryan

  1. robert says:

    there is to many cutsthat didnt make sense but with everything else is good:) keep up the good work. 🙂

  2. Deion burton says:

    well u talked real loud thats good so people can her how great ur story is. and u should of been up there with me an tia. yours is great just like the rest of us.

  3. Tia says:

    A lot of people can be two faced so watch out who’s your friends and who’s not . People can be real with you and sometimes they don’t won’t. Nice Job on your Project I Loved it and its true things happen !

  4. kenya bryan says:

    i love it,but too many cuts, but i think i could of interviewed more people.

  5. Amanda says:

    well , i have to keep it real , it was good but u need more people in your interview ! BUT IT ALL GOOD

  6. Tatyana Pettway says:

    she right about the two faced people just being your friend so that they can just get a secert out you them use that to black mail you.

  7. jeremy rumnit says:

    it is i jeremy…two faced…deep down inside the human soul we’re ALL two faced..it’s human nature..we’re all messed up..but nice topic..

  8. Ms. Starks says:

    Kenya its a shame in this day of age teens are still dealing with two-faceted friends. Nice topic but remember there are more pressing issues to deal with -finishing high school,getting into college,getting a job etc.

  9. great job dealing with a topic which is as old as the human race! great use of music and editing, too. and i agree with ms. starks- if you stay focused on what you need to do for yourself, you’ll always rise above any petty two-faceded drama your peers are trying to suck you into.

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